What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking?

Even if you’ve been a lifelong smoker, it’s never too late to quit. A pulmonologist explains how your lungs — and the rest of your body — begin recovering less than half an hour after you quit.

Scissors cutting a lit cigarette.

How Mullein Benefits Your Lungs

Mullein, a centuries-old medical remedy, still has practical uses today. Learn more about how this herb can help loosen mucus, calm inflammation and fight germs.

The Mullein flower.

Worried if Candles Are Toxic?

Burning candles does release hydrocarbons into the air, but not enough to pose a significant health risk to most people. Just choose your candles wisely, and follow these tips to stay as safe as possible!

A lit candle on a table.
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How To Quit Vaping

Like smoking cigarettes, vaping nicotine products is addictive and dangerous. You deserve full credit for your desire to quit! And here’s how you can do it.

Young couple vaping at restaurant table outside.
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How To Quit Smoking: 7 Ways to Kick the Habit

Ready to quit smoking? While it can be tough to kick the habit, nicotine replacement therapy, relaxation techniques and having a support system are just a few of the ways you can successfully quit.

A person wearing a nicotine patch as a reminder for why they're quitting smoking.