The Health Benefits of Pets

There are very good reasons to get a pet — and not just because animals are cute. An expert shares why having a pet can provide health benefits.

Owner hiking with dog on a pathway in the woods.

Try Five-Finger Breathing for Deep Relaxation

Five-finger breathing is a breathing technique and a form of deep relaxation that nearly anyone can do, almost anywhere and at any time. Here’s what it is, how to do it and how it can help you relax, unwind and even manage pain.

Hand showing positioning for five fingered breathing with breath serving as the background.
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How To Cure a Hangover

What’s the cure for a hangover? Look online and you’ll find numerous theories to lift that alcohol-induced fog. An emergency medicine doctor shares what’s worth trying and what’s not.

Person sitting in a chair holding head and drinking a hot beverage while not fully operational.
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