What Is Citrulline?

Taking L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow, may have some health benefits. A registered dietitian discusses the latest research and how citrulline works.

Athlete pours capsules of citrulline into his hand.
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What Is Passive Stretching?

When you use an outside force like a partner, towel or fitness strap to help help with stretching, you’re doing a passive stretch. An expert explains how to do passive stretching and how just about anyone can do them.

woman on stomach with arms behind her being held by partner to assist her in passive stretching of arms and back.

How Often Should You Work Out?

The ideal workout routine should balance cardiovascular work and strength training. But how much should you do, what should you do and for how long should you do it? Here’s what counts as exercise and how much you need to do weekly.

Three people exercising tin a gym; one on the treamill, one lunging and another working with free weights.
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