What Is Self-Hypnosis and How Do I Do It?

You don’t need a pocket watch or a spiral to self-hypnotize, just the power of suggestion! Learn how inducing a trance-like state through simple relaxation techniques can help you change your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

What Is Love Bombing?

If you think your new relationship is too good to be true, you may need to look for red flags associated with love bombing. This form of psychological and emotional abuse is often disguised as excessive flattery. Here’s what to look for, how to stop it and how to recover from it.

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How To Heal From Trauma

Trauma can stem from many different experiences. And even though your brain holds onto it, there are ways to heal from emotional trauma.

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What Is Conscious Parenting?

Parenting takes a lot of work, but we often forget how to reevaluate the kind of parents we are — and the kind of parents we want to become. A psychologist helps explain the importance of conscious parenting and why it matters.

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